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We are experienced html, javascript and css developers who convert PSD to HTML & CSS and turn your design in Photoshop or Fireworks to fully functioning Web pages that work much better than any PSD to HTML converter software.

We do PSD to HTML conversion services to slice your design in PNG, AI or PSD files to HTML which is technically valid, tableless, fully optimized semantic XHTML / CSS markup with solid SEO and most cutting edge W3C Web standards in just 1 to 3 working days, starting at $189. Need a multiple page HTML slicing project done? We offer an exclusive $60 discount for additional pages plus our industry unique 40% discount for returning customers.

Convert PSD to PHP + MySQL (from design to a fully working site)?

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PSD to HTML Pricing & Discountstop

Our pricing is as simple as follows. For any PSD:

However, if yours is a rather complex design or incredibly straightforward one or just needs a little special care, you may want to contact us for a custom quote.

We have the most astounding returning customer discounts in the entire PSD to XHTML / CSS industry.

PSD to XHTML / CSS Discounts Table
Orders from previous month 5 - 10 11 - 20 21+
Discounts of current month 20% 30% 40%

We accept all popular payment methods.

Please be assured though, that the reason we are offering this is because this way we can slash advertisements and possible communication barriers with new customers, thus significantly bringing down costs. It's not because we suck. Code quality will be the same as that under normal pricing, your satisfaction guaranteed still.

Why we enjoy consistent growth?

  1. We are responsive, within 12 hours.

    We reply to every request in under 12 hours, including pre-sale inquiries, project support and revision requests. 24/7.

    The total online hours of our IM exceeds 4,000 hours last year.

  2. We do revisions, 8 months later.

    A UK client called us for a revision 8 months after proejct closure, we did it. Forming lifelong mutually satisfactory relationship should be the only goal in all businesses.

  3. We issue refunds.

    A full refund was once issued due to our inability to complete the last 10% of the project. We still felt guilty because losing your trust is way worse than losing a few dollars.

  4. We keep clients updated.

    For orders over $500, project progress will be dispatched to the client on a daily basis.

  5. We respect each and every text of your design.

    We never take the easy way out and abuse images. All texts in the original design will be coded as real HTML texts for search engines.

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