HTML Slice & HTML Slicing

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HTML is the markup language of the Web while CSS is the presentational language that beautifies the HTML documents.

HTML Slice is the process to break down a desktop document such as PSD, PNG or PDF and hand code them into Web pages in XHTML / CSS, reviving the texts and images inside for online browsing. Images of logo are kept as they are.

There are a few converter softwares able to slice to HTML, either commercial or free. However, one of the major problems of the results is that they look amateur and lack credibility, though sometimes the conversion itself is practically impossible with a programmed approach such as when slicing PSD to HTML.

On the contrary, the tableless HTML and CSS code with SEO in mind produced by expert through HTML slicing employs the most current W3C web standards and is friendly to both human visitors as well as search engines. All of which are indispensable for a successful website and your online business.

As such, we are providing the following coding services for businesses and individuals who are serious in succeeding online:

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